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Hack for Tracking Freezer Inventory

Now that fall is almost here, it’s time to start planning ahead for those cold winter months. Here is a quick hack I like to use when tracking my freezer inventory. This keeps me from having to deep dive, searching for what I have in the middle of winter.

By using a small, Magnetic Dry Erase Board to keep a running an inventory, it is much easier to track the contents. I purchased one similar to the one found here on Amazon

Example of dry erase board to inventory freezer

Make sure it is magnetic so that you can just attach it to the side of the freezer for easy access. As you add or remove items, you can easily update the board. This keeps you from having to stand out in the cold, digging through the freezer, only to find out you used the last pound of ground beef for your meatloaf last Sunday! If your freezer is within sight, you can see your rations at a glance without so much as taking off your slippers! Keeping an inventory also makes meal planning and preparing your shopping list much easier.

Freezer list posted on side of freezer

Now that we started ordering from Butcher Box, it is also important to have enough room for our next shipment. 

Butcher Box is flexible when it comes to scheduling orders, and the price point really isn’t much more than buying from the store when you consider the quality. We have really enjoyed the chicken, ground beef, steaks, and stew meat we have tried. 

photo of meat variety

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