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Let Your Locale Inspire Your Decor

We like to go antiquing and find items that fit the climate. When we first moved to Michigan, the first thing that came to mind was sledding and snow. We decided to use our location as inspiration for our decor in the dining room.

A lot of cold weather finds have been incorporated into our decor. For example, a small, antique sled sits atop the entry to the dining room. When the accent light is turned on, it creates a nice, cozy atmosphere in a larger room.

We propped a pair of old skis up against the wall behind our French doors that lead into the nook off of the kitchen. Even when the doors are opened, you can still see the skis behind the glass, but they are not “in your face” as an elephant in the room.

We also picked up a pair of antique snow shoes that are hung on a larger wall. The dining room has vaulted ceilings, so placing a larger piece, higher on a wall, helps to create a more intimate setting than just leaving a vast, empty space.

And, who doesn’t like to decorate for different seasons!? Fall is our favorite time of year, and you can tell by the various hints of fall that we use to decorate throughout the house.

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